Cute pick up lines for her – Best pickup lines for flirting

Flirting with her or crush? the cute pick up lines can boost the chat or conversation between you and her. Best pick-up line can bring some blush on her cheeks and can make fall for you. Chatting with your love or crush is the best feeling and when you can you must add some of these pickup lines to add spice on your conversation. We have written some of the best and cute pick up lines for her which you can mix between the chat/conversation.

Cute pick up lines for her

Why running is bad for you
Bcz u get tired
tired, tired, tired, tired and tired…
bcz.. u have been running in my mind 😀

When you love, you get hurt
When you get hurt, u start to hate
when you hate, you try to forget
when you forget, you start missing
and when you start missing you fall in love again.
so you can love or hurt me, i’ll still love you forever

Your parents must have been drug dealers.
Because i’m addicted to what they had made.

So, i’ll say my ABC to you.
I give you A because you’re adorable
I give you B because you’re beautiful
I give you C because you’re confident

For every day i miss you
for every hour i need you
for every minute i feel you..
for every second i love you!!

hey hey hey….
close your eyes…
just close them!
what you see?
That’s my life without you

there are 6 types of views in the world..
1. front view
2. side view
3. back view
4. top view
5. bottom view &
6. You are my best view <3

I’m bad in math but i know u+me = happiness
I’m bad in art but i know that u are a masterpiece
I’m bad at knowing the weather
but i know that you’re the one who brighten my day!!

wait wait wait…. hey don’t bite your lips
don’t do that!
cuz, i wanna do that for you 😀

biology says you’re 7% blood,
chemistry tells you’re 60% oxygen
physics tell you that you’re 99.999% empty space
and I’ll tell you that that you are 100% a cutie.

The sun 🌞 is for the light
The moon 🌙 is for the night
you are for the rest of my life

it’s really cold right now…
🥶 🥶🥶
I’m feeling really really cold..
I need something hot like you 😀

i’m bad in geography
but i can tell you that you live in my heart
i’m bad in history
but i can remember when i first saw you
i’m bad in chemistry
but i can tell what’s the reaction when you smile
i’m bad in English
but I can tell u that “I love you”

one universe
eight planets
seven seas
204 countries
seven billion people
and why… are you still the cutest?

Hey, let’s play staring game.
1.. 2… 3….
wait wait wait..
nevermind, cuz i think i might fall in love you
if i keep looking at you!

Hey, can you look left
then right
then top
and then bottom
.. Muwahha 😘

it’s so cold right now…
🥶 🥶🥶
I’m feeling really really cold..
can i use you as my blanket?

Nothing is perfect in this world, i wonder which planet are you from?

5 perfect things in the world
1. You
2. You
3. You
4. You
5. You

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