Birthday wishes for granddaughter/पोती in hindi

In the occasion of a granddaughter birthday, we have collected some of the best Birthday Wishes granddaughter in Hindi for you. Granddaughters are a precious gift, and there is no better reason to celebrate than the annual reminder of their presence in your life. Your granddaughter changed your life from the moment she entered it and she has been the greatest person you know ever since. Use these Birthday Wishes For granddaughter In Hindi and share it too…..

पोती के जन्मदिन पर बधाई संदेश

  • हर लम्हा आपके हाथों पे मुस्कान रहे, हर ग़म से आप अन्जान रहे, जिसके साथ मेहक उठे आपकी जिंदगी, हमेशा आपके पास वो इंसान रहे ! मेरे पोती को जन्मदिन की बधाई|
  • तू हँसता है, फूल खिलते है जो तू रो दे, तो पते गिरते है तेरे ही ख़ुशी से दिन है, और तेरे ही गम में रात। जन्मदिन की ढेरों शुभकामनाएँ।
  • भगवान बुरी नज़र से बचाए आपको, चाँद सितारों से सजाए आपको, गम क्या होता है ये आप भूल ही जाओ, भगवान ज़िन्दगी में इतना हसाए आपको ! पोती के जन्मदिन पर बधाई|
  • उस दिन खुदा ने भी जश्न मनाया होगा,जिस दिन आपको अपने हाथो से बनाया होगा,उसने भी बहाए होंगे आंसू,जिस दिन आपको यहाँ भेज कर खुद को अकेला पाया होगा,जन्मदिन मुबारक हो…..

Birthday wishes for granddaughter in english

  • I hope that this upcoming year will be as phenomenal as you are. May it be prosperous and full of nothing but joyous moments. Happy birthday to my amazing granddaughter!
  • Here’s to the most beautiful young lady I know. May your life forever be as bright as your lovely smile. Happy birthday, my sweet granddaughter
  • Granddaughter, you make my every day worth living, and as you spread immense love, joy, and happiness in my life. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Granddaughter, since the moment I first saw you, I knew that you were someone special. You are an incredible person, and I will be forever grateful that you came into my life. May your birthday be full of delightful moments, precious gifts, and amazing people.
  • Happy birthday, sweet granddaughter. I can’t believe it was only just yesterday when you were a baby. You are growing up so fast. Gosh, if you keep growing at this rate, you’d certainly soon be older than I am!
  •  Whenever I think of you, my heart lights up with pride. You have always amazed me and always seem to achieve greater heights. I want you to know that I love you very much. Happy birthday my sweet granddaughter.

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